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This hub includes child welfare law resources for students and NACC campus chapters.

Students play an important role by helping NACC build community, advance justice, and find the next generation of child welfare law leaders. Whether you join NACC as a student member, create a NACC chapter on your campus, submit a piece to Next Gen News, or explore a career, NACC is eager to support your involvement in child welfare issues. 

One of the easiest things you can do is to become a member of NACC.  A student NACC membership is free. NACC membership includes access to monthly webinars, the monthly newsletter, The Advocate, NACC’s quarterly law journal, The Guardian, and more. 

You can also start a student chapter at your law school or university. The child welfare law field requires a new generation of child law advocates to carry its vital work in the 21st century, both as members and chapter organizers. NACC has everything you need to start a chapter on your campus. 

NACC is excited to hold space in the Guardian Law Journal for students to share their work and ideas with other professionals in the field of child welfare. Students can also submit their research, write a brief op-ed or policy analysis, give advice to future generations of law students, or review books and films about child welfare.  If you have something you’d like to share with Next Generation News, please email the National Law School Student Organizer at [email protected]

Want to meet potential employers in the field? Attend NACC’s 2nd Annual Child Welfare Law Career Fair on August 11, in Salt Lake City!



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