NACC Policy Framework

Through legislative advocacy, amicus curiae briefs, and more, NACC advocates for equitable, antiracist laws and policies that further children’s rights.

NACC Advancing Justice: Our Policy Framework

Our policy framework reaffirms NACC’s founding beliefs in high-quality legal representation and access to justice in child protection court proceedings. It also reflects our ongoing commitments to youth voice, race equity, and family integrity, and the urgent need for change in a system that has too often caused harm in the name of protection.

The framework’s key principles and advocacy topics include both areas where NACC will actively lead efforts and also areas where we will remain a strong ally to partners aligned with our policy framework.

Policy Framework Priorities

  • Champion Right to Counsel in Child Protection Proceedings
  • Ensure Access to Justice
  • Prioritize Family Integrity
  • Prevent Crossover into the Criminal-Legal System
  • Promote Tailored, Child-Centered Court Decisions
  • Safeguard Children’s Rights

Read the full policy framework – NACC Advancing Justice: Our Policy Framework

NACC’s Policy Framework revised August 12, 2023

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