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Founded in 1977, the National Association of Counsel for Children (NACC) is a non-profit professional membership and advocacy organization dedicated to advancing justice for children, youth, and families.  

NACC trains and certifies attorneys who represent children, families, and agencies; supports a diverse community of professionals; and advocates for policy reform alongside young people and families.  

The child welfare system often separates children from parents or guardians accused of abuse or neglect. A judge in family court determines whether to remove a child from their family and place them in the foster care system. 

The court decides where a child will live, where they will go to school, and what contact they will have with their family. The system affects hundreds of thousands of young people in the United States each year—disproportionately children from low-income families and children of color. 

Family separation is often traumatizing. A child involved in these proceedings needs a well-trained lawyer to ensure the court hears their voice, protects their rights, and keeps them safely with their family when possible.

With a child’s safety and connection to family at stake, court proceedings work best when all parties—children, parents, and agencies—have legal representation. NACC helps lawyers do this important work. NACC is the only national organization accredited by the American Bar Association to certify attorneys as Child Welfare Law Specialists. 

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NACC’s Mission

NACC advances children’s and parents’ rights by supporting a diverse, inclusive community of child welfare lawyers to provide zealous legal representation and by advocating for equitable, anti-racist solutions co-designed by people with lived experience.

NACC’s Vision

Every child, parent, and family is well-supported in their community and has equitable access to justice through culturally responsive, client-centered legal representation.

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Join the NACC Community! NACC provides training and resources to attorneys, advocates, and professionals who work in child welfare law. NACC also works to improve the system alongside children and families. NACC promotes excellence, builds community, and advances justice.

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