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In 2022, the National Association of Counsel for Children celebrated its 45th Anniversary as a nonprofit organization, expanded the Counsel for Kids campaign, and published landmark resources for the field. In 2023, NACC will launch two brand-new trainings, a new CLWS exam, and more.  See NACC’s 2022 Impact Report.

Since 2017 NACC tripled its budget and staff, strengthening the organization’s infrastructure and deepening our impact. 

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NACC is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization

Consider arranging a future gift to help secure NACC’s future impact by providing a charitable bequest for a specific amount or a percentage of one’s estate, naming NACC as a beneficiary of all or a portion of remaining assets in a retirement plan or life insurance, or through a gift of property, including real estate. 

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There are many ways to give to support NACC:1


Make a cash gift on NACC’s website, or donate through Charity Navigator, Candid


Contribute from your IRA. If you are over age 70½, and you have an IRA, you can authorize your plan administrator to transfer funds and the amount you transfer will not be added to your taxable income, and it will count towards your minimum required distributions.

Donor Advised Funds

Contribute through donor advised funds, such as through Fidelity or Vanguard


Contribute securities (maximum contribution of 30% of your adjusted gross income).

Driven 2 Donate

Donate your used car in Colorado and the proceeds will go to NACC through Driven 2 Donate.

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When you join NACC as a sapphire member, $150 goes to the Counsel for Kids campaign.

1.Please see a professional to provide financial and tax advice specific to your circumstances.