Amicus Curiae Filing Guide

Sample Amicus Curiae Brief

People v. Gabriesheski: NACC filed an amicus brief urging the Colorado Supreme Court to find that conversations between a GAL and a child client in dependency proceedings are confidential communications protected by attorney-client privilege.

Sullivan and Graham v. Florida: NACC joined an amicus brief requesting that the United States Supreme Court find that life without parole sentences for youth convicted of non-homicide offenses is unconstitutional.

People v. McBride: NACC filed an amicus brief supporting a Michigan father’s right to appointed counsel at a TPR hearing and contending that the failure to do so was structural error.

Khaled AF Al Odah v. United States: NACC joined an amicus brief arguing that military commissions convened pursuant to the Military Commission Act lacked jurisdiction over juveniles.

Davis v. Washington and Hammon v. Indiana: NACC filed an amicus brief explaining why the “reasonable person” standard for defining “testimonial” statements under the Confrontation Clause is flawed.

Roper v. Simmons: NACC joined several organizations in the filing of an amicus brief, urging the United States Supreme Court to find it unconstitutional to impose the death penalty on youth who were under the age of eighteen at the time of the offense.

Strogner v. California: NACC joined this amicus brief in support of extending California’s statute of limitations for certain child sexual abuse offenses.

In the Matter of Ethan, Emily, Tarah, and Titus Bratcher: NACC filed an amicus brief arguing that a parent’s fundamental liberty interest in the custody of their children cannot be lawfully infringed without a judicial finding of unfitness.