41st National Child Welfare Law Conference

2018: Promoting Excellence, Building Community, Advancing Justice.

August 23-25, 2018 in San Antonio, TX

NACC was honored to present our 41st National Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and Family Law Conference.
The 2018 agenda was designed to deliver a diverse array of legal issues and hot topics in children’s law, policy, and practice by distinguished faculty from across the country. From new challenges to age-old concerns, NACC seeks to provide legal education that advances the rights, well-being, and opportunities of children, strengthens and supports families, and guards against the potential harms of policies and practices that may curtail children’s rights and well-being.

View the program from this conference as a PDF.

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The National Association of Counsel for Children has held a national conference every year since our our founding in 1977. Our conferences are a time for community, information-sharing, and dialogue as we redefine advocacy and support a movement to end racism and bias in child welfare. Join us!