Child Welfare Law and Practice (The Red Book 4th Edition)

For 45 years, the National Association of Counsel for Children has prioritized creative ways of delivering vital updates to child welfare professionals. We are proud to announce the fourth edition of Child Welfare Law and Practice: Representing Children, Parents, and Agencies in Neglect, Abuse, and Dependency Cases, also known as “the Red Book”. We’ve gathered both new and experienced practitioners and child welfare advocates to revise and re-envision the Red Book, offering the ultimate guidebook for those who make child welfare advocacy their priority.

Designed initially as a study guide for attorneys preparing to take the Child Welfare Law Specialist certification exam, the Red Book now serves as a day-to-day guide for child welfare advocates in every state, offering in-depth analysis and instruction on a wide variety of topics relevant to the current climate in the child welfare space. Whether you represent children, parents, agencies, or serve as a judge in child welfare matters, this book is a fundamental resource.

Our completely revised fourth edition includes an array of new topics and contributors as listed:

  • Five-segment book structure

  • Case details: from investigation to appeals

  • Focus on racial and LGBTQ+ justice

  • Focus on dual-status youth, and parents/children with disabilities

  • Systemic, preventive, and multidisciplinary advocacy

  • And much more!