Children’s Justice (hardcopy)

Released in 2016 as a300-page softcover book, CHILDREN’S JUSTICE is the final report of the QIC-ChildRep project, guiding the reader through 13 chapters and 3 appendices:

  • Chapter 1: Challenge: Improve Child Representation in America
  • Chapter 2: Evolution of Child Representation
  • Chapter 3: National Needs Assessment
  • Chapter 4: Emerging Consensus and the QIC Best Practice Model
  • Chapter 5: Six Core Skills and the QIC Best Practice Training
  • Chapter 6: What the Lawyers Say About Implementing the Six Core Skills Chapter
  • 7: Sample Selection and Research Methods Chapter
  • 8: Profile of Lawyers Representing Children Chapter
  • 9: Lawyer Activities and Their Impact Chapter
  • 10: Findings of the Evaluation of the QIC-ChildRep Best Practices Model Training for Attorneys
  • Chapter 11: Reflections on QIC Empirical Findings
  • Chapter 12: The Flint MDT Study: A Description and Evaluation of a Multidisciplinary Team Representing Children in Child Welfare Cases
  • Chapter 13: How to Improve Legal Representation of Children in America’s Child Welfare System
  • Appendix A: QIC Best Practice Model of Child Representation in the Child Welfare System
  • Appendix B: 1996 American Bar Association Standards of Practice for Lawyers Who Represent Children in Abuse and Neglect Cases
  • Appendix C: 2011 ABA Model Act Governing Representation of Children in Abuse, Neglect and Dependency Proceedings

This product was created by the National Quality Improvement Center on the Representation of Children in the Child Welfare System at the University of Michigan Law School, Cooperative Agreement No. 90CO1047, funded by the Children’s Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

NACC is proud to partner with the University of Michigan Law School and the U.S. Children’s Bureau to preserve and promote the lessons of the National Quality Improvement Center on the Representation of Children in the Child Welfare System (QIC-ChildRep). The publication is nominally priced to cover NACC’s shipping and administrative expenses.

NACC on Campus: A Student Chapter Guide

This guide will assist you in establishing and expanding your very own NACC student chapter. You will learn about NACC’s mission, NACC Chapter requirements, as well as important chapter-building techniques, such as planning events and raising funds.

This product is a hardcopy.

NACC Recommendations for Legal Representation of Children and Youth

These Recommendations replace NACC’s 2001 Recommendations, which are widely recognized as best practice standards for the last two decades. Freshly updated, they mark a milestone in NACC’s journey to develop a youth-centered legal profession, advance the highest-quality legal representation, and assist jurisdictions seeking to establish and improve representation.

This product is a hardcopy. A PDF version is available.