Member Listserv Policy

The NACC Listserv is a unique resource provided exclusively to NACC members. The NACC Listserv offers child welfare advocates a forum to pose questions, share information and ideas, challenge differing opinions, and provoke meaningful dialogue. However, such dialogue must at all times remain substantive, professional and respectful. Please use the NACC Listserv with integrity.

The NACC is not responsible for the opinions and information posted on the NACC listserv; postings represent the viewpoint of the author and are not endorsed by the NACC.

Use of the NACC Listserv is governed by the following Rules and Regulations:

  1. Posts must be substantive, professional, and respectful.
  2. The following are prohibited on the NACC listserv:
    • Anonymous postings
    • Harassment of any type, including verbal harassment and sexual harassment
    • Defamatory language
    • Dissemination of materials in violation of copyright and other intellectual property laws
    • Communication that could be construed in any way as support for or opposition to any candidate for a federal, state or local public office
    • Endorsement of candidates in an NACC election, or for other NACC-related electioneering
    • Posting of any commercial material, or contacting any member to advertise, sell, solicit or otherwise promote any commercial product or service
    • All activities prohibited by law.
  3. By subscribing to the NACC listserv, you agree to release and indemnify the NACC from legal actions and penalties arising from messages posted on the listserv.
  4. Listserv subscribers do not have a personal right of privacy in any messages on the listserv, including messages marked “privileged,” “confidential,” etc.
  5. The NACC reserves the right to modify the listserv and the NACC Listserv Policy at any time, for any reason, and without notice. It is the responsibility of each listserv subscriber to keep apprised of the most recent policies.
  6. The NACC will take appropriate action in its sole discretion regarding any possible violations of this Policy and/or the law, or activities that may jeopardize the NACC’s tax-exempt status.
  7. The NACC reserves the right to monitor and/or pre-screen postings, at any time, for any reason, and without notice.
  8. The NACC reserves the right to terminate listserv subscriptions, at any time, for any reason, and without notice.