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Thursday July 6, 2023

NACC Backs Policies Supporting Children and Families

NACC signed on in support of federal policy initiatives to improve health care access for young people who are immigrantsprotect the rights of LGBTQ+ people, help young people experiencing homelessness get food, create a permanent child allowance program to fight poverty, and establish a Children’s Week. NACC also signed on to a letter urging Congress to pass the No Kids in Cuffs Act, to restrict the use of restraints on children.

Counsel for Kids Mid-Year Update

From new resources to legislative victory, it has been a busy time for the Counsel for Kids campaign. Read the mid-year update.

Amicus Update

Rockett v. Eighmy: The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on judicial immunity for a judge who unlawfully detained siblings in a custody matter. 

Haaland v. Brackeen: NACC and children’s rights organizations applaud the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Indian Child Welfare Act.

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