July 2024 Policy Updates

NACC Advocates for Children and Families
NACC joined several organizations in urging the House and Senate to protect SNAP as well as signed a letter supporting the Appropriations Committee’s report language for hidden foster care. NACC showed its support for the Foster Care Tax Credit ahead of the House introduction. NACC also joined several organizations in asking the House to reconsider their approach to Fiscal Year 2025 funding to prioritize investment in children and families.

NACC Amicus News
Last month, the Michigan Supreme Court heard oral arguments in In Re D.N., a case in which NACC filed an amicus brief. The recorded oral argument is now available for viewing.
Counsel for Kids Released New TipSheets
The Counsel for Kids campaign is pleased to announce the publication of three new advocacy tools. The Counsel for Kids tip sheets address how counsel for kids advance the rights of youth involved in immigration law proceedingseducation law proceedings, and for youth dually involved in juvenile legal and child protection court proceedings. These tip sheets will be an asset to state advocacy work where it is necessary to show how valuable counsel are even beyond their own child protection court cases, and to appeal to legislators who have specific interests in these topical areas.